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DIY Holiday Gifts

While it may still be early, never early enough when focusing on DIY gifts!

The kids and I are planning on creating DIY gifts for our loved ones this year. Sometimes, we tend to be behind, we are getting ahead by looking at some ideas now and I decided to share a few of my favorite ideas so far! (Plus, this gives us a chance to edit our Loyalty Rewards Order ahead of time). Have you creating DIY gifts using doTERRA? What has been your favorite? Feel free to comment and share below!

We are definitely going to work on some bath bombs, and I adore this little gingerbread guy here. Plus, the diffuser ornaments seems simple enough. I would like to maybe find a way to incorporate a thumbprint of the kiddos and maybe begin it yearly. Plus, we (my husband and I) have been itching to try some sort of soap making. Now is a better time than any!

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