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Lifelong Vitality Supplements

Most may not know because I have been extremely quiet about it, but this year I have been on a healing journey. One that I have had to dedicate myself to whole heartedly in order to conquer my goals naturally.

In December of last year, I gifted myself a stool test for Christmas in order to find the root cause internally of my eczema, brain fog, acne, and more. What was found was some parasitic activity, overgrowth of candida, and low "good" bacteria and high "bad" bacteria. These supplements right here, Lifelong Vitality Pack have been my saving grace of "everyday" function as I heal. I have been using these (alongside many of you and family members) for over 2 years now BUT I was only doing a "half dose" for awhile because I was never a supplement person.

When I started going full force AND utilized the Daily Health Habits challenge and now have done 2 - 30 day cleanse and restores (about to start a third round this coming week) I have seen DRAMATIC differences. Even before I started with any of the specialized supplement systems, I researched for the specific essential oils to treat the "bugs" in my body.

Truthfully, I have been looking for "before" pictures of my foot (if anyone has any please send my way) because the raw, bleeding, seeping, oozing eczema/psoriasis flares I used to have on my foot have absolutely diminished to just a teeny, tiny spot left. Healing naturally is possible for anyone, you just have to be willing to learn how to do it and create GOOD new habits!

In addition to the supplements, I also go very strict during the 30 day cleanse periods and go gluten, dairy, and sugar free (outside of fruit, well some fruit I try to avoid). We are also/have also reduced our meat intake greatly as a family and when eaten aim for highest quality when possible.

I also chose to go back to school this year to help heal myself through Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am just 3 months away from receiving my holistic integrative nutrition health coaching certification. This way, I was able to hold myself accountable to the changes I desired WHILE learning how I can better serve all of you that continue to show up and support me, this path, and doTERRA! I am forever grateful to so many and the reasons all our lives have crossed paths.

I for one, do not want history repeating itself and having had multiple auto-immune conditions show up in my family bloodlines, I will always be as proactive as possible. (While still giving myself grace to live a little, because our days are not promised!)

So this is me today. Right now. In this moment and sharing from my heart a small portion of my story. I hope to expand more for you soon.

Wishing you Enough,


"By living in harmony with nature, one gains a healthy mind and body." My tools from doTERRA (meaning gifts from the earth) have been vital to my healing. If you're ready to begin your journey, feel free to fill out this quick form to set up a FREE 30 minute health history with me.

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